Max Swenson Interview

Lineage Outerwear

Max Swenson, Maximus Swenson

Photo courtesy of Max Swenson

  For many people, clothes are a way to express character and personality. Sophomore Max Swenson takes this a step further with his clothing line, Lineage Outerwear.
  “The reason that I wanted to start a clothing line is pretty simple. I wanted to combine my two favorite things; Skiing and Fashion,” said Swenson, “I have always loved business and I wanted to make something that was mine; clothing that I could wear on the slope but also on the street.”
  According to Swenson, the idea for the name Lineage Outerwear came from him looking up words on the internet that sounded cool and seeing if they were taken already.
  “I found the word Lineage and that was it,” said Swenson, “The second part, outerwear, is because I eventually want to make snow pants and winter jackets.”
  According to Swenson, his brand has already reached popularity he levels he wasn’t expecting; The Lineage Instagram has surpassed 4,000 followers
and the brand has sold out certain runs of their hoodies.
  “One of my most inspirational moments was when I was skiing the other day and I saw someone wearing Lineage that I didn’t even know.”
  Although the brand is popular, it doesn’t have its challenges. According to Swenson, it can be a struggle to balance school work and business work.
  “Some weeks I will have lots of orders that I need to ship out which takes lots of time. Other weeks I don’t,” said Swenson, “When I am working on making
a new line or working on building strategic partnerships- which is something that is always going on- it takes lots of time and work.”
  Along with balancing work, the biggest problem comes from standing up for his brand, according to Swenson.
  “People try to say it doesn’t look good or that it’s stupid and this can be really discouraging. You always have to keep pushing through that,” said Swenson,
  “In most cases there are more people that like it, it’s just that they don’t say anything. Haters love to hate.”
  According to Swenson, his biggest goal is to reach a point in his career where he can walk downtown and see someone wearing Lineage.
  “The future can hold a lot of things so I really don’t know where this could go. If everything keeps on growing at the rate it has been, I can see myself pursuing this full time,” said Swenson, “I just want everyone to know that everything that I do can be done by anyone.”

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