Behind the Color Collection

The color collection

The color collection is the first public release of Lineage Outerwear

This collection is inspired by the riders that it is made for. With the colors being chosen by the riders themselves topped off with a white script logo. The first piece and most limited is the maroon crewneck. This crewneck is a lightweight sweatshirt perfect for the warmer spring skiing season. The second and most available piece is the light pink shirt. A basic yet high quality light pink t shirt topped with the lineage script logo is a must have for you spring/summer wardrobe!


Now for the story behind the pictures. It was a mid April night and it was snowing heavy wet snow. Since in Minnesota snow in April is very rare the Lineage crew was exited! We had just got in our Color Collection. At about 11 at night we went out to get some pictures taken. This is where things got slippery and when I say slippers I mean it. After getting some basic photos taken we wanted to get something a little more exiting to show the snow! I got up on top of a truck to get the picture. Little did I know that it was very very slippery. After being up there for a little while wet, cold, and tired we decided that was enough. Luckily I didn't fall off! Unfortunately none of the picture turned out how we would have liked. 

The color collection will be releasing within a weeks time! Sign up for our email list to get updates. Also follow us on Instagram @lineage_outerwear to also be kept up to date with new products!

-Max Swenson





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