2018 Winter Hoodies

The time has come. The new 2018 winter Lineage Outerwear hoodies are almost here. It has been a full year since we have released heavyweight winter hoodies. After last season's release we realized that your guys love a good quality warm hoodie for all your winter activities. That is why we have made this new creation.

Lineage OuterwearThis hoodie is based off of the same style as last year's White, and Black squiggly lined hoodie. Which has been our most popular product to date. So first let's talk about the design. We have a arcing text displaying “lineage outerwear” across the middle of the chest.To pay tribute to your favorite design we decided to incorporate the famous pattern into this design, as in a circle. In turn the circle has a very symbolic meaning. A circle consist of 360 degrees. 360 happens to just be one of the most performed ski tricks in history. Don't quote me on this but one of the first “real” tricks a skier learns is the 360.

Enough with this “Logo talk” let's talk about the specs. Coming in one the scale at 10oz you are sure to be kept warm. Made up of 70% cotton and 30% polyester. These hoodies have a very generous fit meaning they will give you plenty of space to make sure you look good on the hill and on the street. Make sure that you go and join our email list to gain special access and discounts to these hoodies before the rest of the public!



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